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Welcome to Eternity
Who are we?

<Eternity> is a semi-hardcore weekend raiding guild which started when Elysium(Lightbringer) was released in 2017. We're a community oriented guild but take raids serious.

Our aim:

Fast, efficient, and organized progression through vanilla content with our limited 2 days a week raiding schedule while remaining a semi-hardcore guild who values community.

What we expect from you:

  • Maintain a 70% raid attendance.
  • Expect to be benched often if your attendance is below 85%.
  • Have a good attitude and be respectful to everyone, we despise toxic people.
  • Show up prepared, focused, and on time each week
  • Know how to play your class in and out. (Proper talents, gear, rotation etc.)
  • Be competitive with others in the guild.
  • Have the required raiding specs, Add-Ons, consumables, and world buffs we require.
  • Post on Discord in the #Missing_Raids channel if you'll miss a raid in advance.
  • Being able to understand your Raiding Assignments (click here).

Loot System: Loot Council

We use Loot Council to ensure that gear is going to the right classes, players are rewarded mainly on performance and attendance before taking into consideration other factors like world buffs, consumables, attitude etc. You'll receive back what you put into the raids in comparison to others.

Interested in joining then APPLY HERE!